Our Story…

Minko is a family affair, and our name reflects this. The word Minko, originally the name of our farm at Mount Compass, came from taking a letter or two from each of member of our family’s names: Mike, Inger, NicK and MargO.

During an evening ride up at Minko in early 1996, the rolling hills glowing in the sun’s fading light, Mike, the ideas man, decided that it was the perfect place for a vineyard. And a wind farm. The latter has proved to be more difficult, but he was right about the vineyard. And so, Minko Wines was born! We put in ten hectares of vines in 1997, made up of Merlot and Cabernet.

The very first wine we produced was a Cabernet Merlot. Our logo of the two intertwined Cabernet and Merlot leaves (hand painted by Inger) reflects this inaugural wine.

We opened our Cellar Door and Providore (“provider of urban pantry foods”) in the main street of Willunga just in time for the “Tour Down Under” in January 2003, and enjoyed making friends with our customers until June 2019 when we made a decision to close the Cellar Door and sell our grapes to wine makers who love that we care for our environment. The good news is that we still make small batches of wine from time to time.

Minko Farm is a productive place. Not just home to the Minko vineyard, we also breed beef cattle, raise dairy heifers, run horses, grow olives for oil, have bees for honey, and follow a Bush for Life plan to protect and enhance our 200 acres of native scrub.