Private Tastings…

We can bring an authentic cellar door experience into your home or office.

We love sharing our passion about wines and that is why we organise fun and informative wine tastings. We tailor our wine tastings to suit your needs, whether it be an intimate wine tasting at your home, an office networking event, or a social club party. We will make sure each tasting is tailored to your needs – whether you want to offer wine education or just have some fun and try some good wine with friends.

We also offer great deals as part of the tasting package.

What do we do?

We aim to ensure your event is truly memorable. We do this by providing a speaker who is knowledgeable about the wine process and can talk your guests through the wines with the kind of enthusiasm that makes it fun and informative.

We will set up the tasting for you informally or formally depending on your requirements.

We can provide glassware if needed.

We suggest that this event is catered because wine is a food experience. We will discuss ideas to make this easy for you.

We can offer the option of serving our award winning olive oil and home made crusty bread.

Generally the session runs for approximately 1-2 hours, and includes background on Minko Wines, wine tasting, wine education, and answering general wine questions.

We have a range of wines which include Sparklings, whites and reds.

At the end of the session the range of wines will be offered for purchase at a special discount price of 20% off and free delivery to either the office or the purchaser’s home address.

 Contact us now to talk about how we can make the perfect wine tasting experience for you!



“It was such a fun arvo, thanks again. I thought it was great to have the information about the various wines. It’s such a good idea for small groups, and so convenient to have it at home! Delicious wine too”.

“I loved it and thought that it went really well. I loved the educational side and everyone that was there was genuinely interested and all contributed their thoughts. I loved comparing the two sparklings. I think the small group worked well at home as it was relaxed and the small group gave everyone a chance to talk. Thank you again to Margo for a great afternoon. She’s a lovely lady”.

“I loved the home vibe. I loved the educational parts too, I thought it was a good blend (pun intended!) of general wine making info and Minko specific info. It was also lovely being asked our opinions, cellar doors never do that!”

“It was such a lovely afternoon, I would’ve happily stayed for a few more hours if not for baby duties! Loved the presentation and info!”